Snettisham in north-west Norfolk is internationally significant for its hoard deposits of late Iron Age torcs.

The hoards demonstrate the disposable wealth of the Iceni tribe and many were found in an area called Ken Hill. The Art Fund has helped Norwich & the British Museum aquire other finds from this area in 1949 and 1951. This assemblage seems to lengthen the time Ken Hill was used as a ritual focus, as it includes a complete Bronze Age metalwork hoard, the fifth now found in Snettisham, and an important collection of coinage comprising early foreign issues, assorted Iron Age coinage from Continental Europe and elsewhere in Britain, and later Roman currency. Their presence, composition and range underlines the wealth of the site and its striking and unique nature. This assemblage is thus of crucial importance in understanding the wider topography the area and its importance in the early cultural and ritual landscape of East Anglia.


Discovered by Mr Steve Brown and Mr Kevin Elfleet using metal detectors between 2003 and 2007 and declared Treasure.

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