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Passionate environmentalist and contemporary artist Kurt Jackson presents a new body of work devoted to highlighting the importance of bees and other pollinators.

Ever since enrolling as a student of Zoology at the University of Oxford as a teenager, Kurt Jackson has been fascinated by pollinators; during his degree he embarked on an expedition to the Amazon to collect wasp specimens and record information about their nests, while he has also worked as a beekeeper in Cornwall.

In light of the current plight that bees face – disease, habitat losses and pesticide use have led to a dramatic decline in the population, with three British species now extinct – the artist has chosen to devote his latest series to highlighting the vital role they play in the agricultural environment.

His canvases, print and sculpture are brought together with related items from the museum's collection, including samples of each of the British bee species and archival material documenting the study of these incredible and important creatures.

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