In a collection of artworks depicting the natural world, this exhibition celebrates the extraordinarily biodiverse world we live in.

From lush forests and flocks of birds to baren landscapes and manmade locations, the artworks featured include painting, sculpture and mixed media by British artist Kurt Jackson, demonstrating how biodiversity is changing over time.

As an artist Kurt Jackson is hugely influenced by nature and politics, working on projects with the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, the Eden Project, and for nearly 20 years at Glastonbury Festival. He is particularly known for his dazzling, thought provoking landscapes, many of which are featured in this exhibition and on display for the first time.

In a celebration of the creatures and plant life we share our planet with, this exhibition aims to demonstrate the incredible breadth of biodiversity in varying locations as well as celebrate the natural world and the art it inspires.

This exhibition is available online from 29 March.

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