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Natural Error is a series of digital animations created from glitches in computer code.

Each of these fleeting micro-sequences, ghosting up like fireflies from the surface of the screen, is of a creature (or other element from the biosphere) that is currently classified as endangered — by the encroachment of man, by rising tides and temperatures, or by habitat disruption from extreme weather events.

In The Forest Something Stirred is an exhibition featuring two new commissions, Natural Error by Rodell Warner and Treeline by Ruth Maclennan.

Natural Error will be available online, while Treeline is showing at John Hansard Gallery on our Digital Array. Each focus on the flora and fauna of our natural landscape, and how it is being marked by climate change. Commissioned to coincide with COP 26, the UN’s Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, the two works highlight the precarity of species in the face of the decimation of the environment and the loss of biodiversity.

Co-commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Forestry England, the exhibition is supported by John Hansard Gallery, University of Glasgow, and Arts Council England.

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