Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Ben Nicholson were three of the most influential British modern artists of the 20th century.

They were key figures in the development of British Modernism, experimenting with new materials and techniques to challenge the traditional idea that art needs to depict the world it represents realistically.

Sir George Labouchere, who made the house his home, began to curate his collection of modern abstract art in the 1950s and was described by the American curator Charles Spencer as an ‘addicted and knowledgeable collector’.

At first, he considered only collecting works by British artists, acquiring pieces by Hepworth, Moore and Nicholson.

As British ambassador to Belgium (1955-60), he mounted an exhibition of British modern art at the Embassy in Brussels, held during the 1958 Brussels World Fair (Expo 58).

As well as collecting works by established artists, Sir George wished that ‘more people would consider the present generation of artists – and not just the safe ones – when they are adding to their collections in old properties’.

He commissioned works from local artist Anthony Twentyman, who was closely connected to and inspired by Hepworth and Moore.

The works of these artists now adorn the walls of Dudmaston’s Galleries.

So whether you're already a fan of Modern Art, or just want to enjoy some of the finest works from Britain's early-20th Century pioneers of the genre, then The Modern Movement is perfect for you.

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