Aspex Portsmouth are delighted to present Sink or Float: An Artificial Island, the latest solo exhibition by Jessica Wetherly.

In Sink or Float, Wetherly explores the marshland, mudflats and seagrass meadows around Portsea Island, considering the most urgent issues affecting our waterways. Through storytelling and symbolism, Wetherly confronts contemporary challenges of ecological breakdown - inviting us to question how we build future communities that work with natural forces and shifting coastlines, instead of against them.

To inform her work, Wetherly has met with local researchers and ecologists, including Dr Gordon Watson at the University of Portsmouth’s School of Biological Sciences and Richard Jones, Countryside Officer at Portsmouth City Council, to gain an insight into localised climate change. Watson and Jones have also contributed to a collection of essays and poetry, launching alongside the exhibition, combining artistic and scientific research.

Open from 8 July to 25 September 2022. Free to all.
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