Explore the natural world, art and design, science and technology and Scottish history, all in one building.

Nominated for the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2012, the 36 galleries contain items from all over Scotland and beyond, including the taxidermy remains of Dolly the Sheep, Viking brooches, ancient chessmen and Queen Mary's clarsach. In 2011 a £47m renovation saw 8,000 additional objects go on display – none of which had been exhibited before. There are plans to add 10 further galleries, which are scheduled to open in 2016.

Meet Me at the Museum

Join actor Jack Lowden as he explores the National Museum of Scotland with his friend and fellow actor Andrew Rothney, in a brand new episode of our podcast.

Permanent collection

There's a vast array of treasures from around the world to explore in the museum's many galleries. The impressive Grand Gallery highlights Scotland's contribution to the world and the breadth of its collection from a 12 ft feast bowl to a newly-restored cast iron fountain shown in the image gallery above.

The Science and Technology Gallery helps you explore space travel, energy and power, genetics, robotics and transport while the Natural World Gallery has some impressive exhibits from a life-sized cast of Tyrannosaurus rex and stuffed pandas to a giant squid. As you can tell, the museum is vast and it may be wise to pick one or two galleries to explore in detail.

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